Evening Series 2015

(reports courtesy of Craig Winchester)

1st Leg – Woodpeckers 10th of June – Warm evening but breezy.

1st Mark Merrett 20lb 2oz
2nd Paul Harding 10lb 12oz
3rd Craig Winchester 9lb 8oz

Mark's winning weight included a 10lb plus Carp and 10lb of bits from peg 10! Paul was very unlucky as he landed a Carp estimated to be around 10lb put it in the keep net but after around 10 – 15 minutes the fish decided it didn’t like being caged and jumped clean out of the net and on to freedom!!

2nd Leg – Osprey 17th of June – Warm and sunny

1st Steve King 17lb 0oz
2nd Dave King 13lb 10oz
3rd Craig Winchester 13lb 6oz

The battle of the Kings! Steve’s weight was made up of 4 Carp from peg 15. Dave’s was all silvers from peg 32. Craig's was also all silvers from peg 11.

3rd Leg – **Wag & Mag match**Barnes Court Small lake 24th of June – Warm and sunny

1st Craig Winchester 22lb 0oz
2nd Paul Harding 13lb 15oz
3rd Mark Merrett 11lb 7oz

180 – 190 small carp made up my winning weight. All of us caught small carp with a few larger specimen lost in the pad / snags etc.

4th Leg – Osprey 2nd of July – (
Moved from Woodpeckers at the request of the owner as Osprey had less pleasure anglers fishing it).Hot and Humid

1st Mark Merrett 20lb 10oz
2nd Dave King 19lb 7oz
3rd  Paul Harding 18lb 6oz
Mark was drawn of Peg 36 and landed 5 nice carp for his winning weight. Carp also made up the bulk of other weight on this evening.


5th Leg – **Silver Fish match** Osprey 9th of July – Warm but turning mild, light breeze

1st Craig Winchester 33lb 10oz
2nd Bob Stone 15lb 4oz
3rd Dave King 14lb 12oz

Winning weight of all Skimmers up to 1lb bar 3 Perch and a small Tench from peg 5, Bob Stone small skimmers and roach from peg 11, Dave King close behind on peg 3.

6th and final Leg of the evening series  Barnes Court Small lake 15th of July – Warm but cloudy

1st Craig Winchester 19lb 0oz
2nd Steve King 17lb 0oz
3rd Paul Harding 14lb 8oz

With the previous match on this venue being the wag & mag match we were all keen to find out how the venue would react to other baits and methods. The answer was........... not great especially if like Micky Biles you introduced chopped worm and ground bait. The fish turned their noses up at this and Micky struggled all evening finishing last with only 1lb 10oz some way behind his good friend and nemesis Bob Stone who opposite him and in his full view caught steadily all match, which infuriated Micky , but entertain the rest of us, Bob finishing with 5lb 6oz. Reverting back to throwing maggot at this fishery seemed to work out best for most of us. Craig coming out top with mainly small carp and a couple of bonus 2 – 3lb specimens. Steve King was a couple of pound behind opting for quality over quantity landing 7 good size Carp. Paul Harding started well finding and landing some good size Carp fishing tight to the large bush to his right but bite slowed through the match. He held on though to pip Mark Merrett for third place by just over a pound.

Nine anglers have fished this year. 1st place is awarded 9 points down to 1 point for 9th place. No points awarded for not weighing in or non attendance.

 The best five results from the six legs fished to decide the winner. 

So well done Craig on winning the series!

Full results below