Subcriptions and Fees shall be proposed by the General Committee and approved by members at the AGM from time to time and the following categories of membership shall apply:

            Adults.                                                          17 to 64

            Juniors.                                                        under 16                           

            Juniors.                                                        16 to 18 (inclusive)

            Students.                                                      Under 25 but still in full-time education 

            Senior Citizens.                                            65 and over                      

            Disabled Persons.

            Companion Member                                  


            Ages as at 1st May each year.


With effect from 1st November annually, New Membership Subscriptions will be reduced by 50% but Joining Fees will apply in full.



2.                Should a member fail to renew his/her membership to the society by the 1st June, that  member shall pay a further Joining Fee on subsequently rejoining.


3.                Companion Membership is open to any non-fishing person over 18 years of age, at the discretion of the Management Committee, on a one per member basis. Companion Members shall pay an Annual Subscription of £5.00, but pay no Entry Fee. They shall not be allowed to vote at an A.G.M. or E.G.M. They shall not be allowed at any WADAS fishery unaccompanied. Companion Members are not allowed to fish and remain the sole responsibility of the club member to whom they accompany. Club Rules apply to both the club member and his/her companion.


4.                All members and guests must be in possession of a valid National Rod License when fishing Society waters or in Society Competitions. Any member found to be in breach of this rule will be asked to leave the venue until a valid license can be produced.



5.                No member shall behave in a manner considered by the owner, agent or Society's                      Management Committee to be detrimental to the Society's interests. Members are     responsible for their guests' behaviour and compliance with all Society rules.


6.                Members must produce the Society's Membership Book, Guest Ticket and appropriate Rod Licence to any person of authority questioning the ‘right to fish’.


7.                No member may visit a fishery without having his/her and Rule Book. Failure to comply with this rule will require the member to leave the fishery immediately unless they are on Committee business or have Committee authority.




8.                Every trace of occupation of a swim or having visited a fishery must be removed.


9.                All members are responsible for ensuring that any litter left by other persons is removed from                    the fishery.





10.              No unauthorised fires or picnic parties will be allowed. No dogs, radios, musical

                   instruments or music making equipment are permitted.


11.              No member or guest will act in an anti-social manner liable to disturb or offend other

                   anglers or local residents.



12.              No member or guest will commit wilful damage to fish, birds, vegetation, crops, fences,

                   river or lake banks or buildings.


13.              No game or farm animals are to be disturbed.


14.              Entry to and exit from all fisheries is to be by designated routes only. All gates MUST be left                    shut after use.


15.              Landing nets must be made from knotless material.


16.              All keepnets used to retain fish should conform to E.A. By-laws and be knotless and not less                    than 2.5 metres (8 feet) long and 0.5 metres (18 inches) in diameter.


17.              All live fish are to be returned to the water.


18.              Members shall be allowed to use a maximum of two rods, one hook per rod only.


19.              No hook, baited or unbaited is to be left in the water unattended and no baited hook is to be left out of the water unattended.


20.              No stream inlets to or outlets from a lake may be blocked.