Match Rules Update & reminder

W&DAS Matches are fished to the Model Rules published by the Angling Trust.

A full and abridged copy (the full rules are very long!) are attached as pdf files available for download.

All competitors should familiarise themselves with these rules. Most are pure common sense, but there are some that have not always been followed as strictly they should. In particular:

  • No floating baits or loosefeed


  • No feeding with a pole cup whilst fishing with another rod (i.e. topping up your pole line whilst having a tip rod out)

  • On still waters, only fish halfway to the next peg on either side. For clarity, if the next peg is unoccupied, you may fish up to it but not beyond

  • Only one rod or pole can be used at any one time. This means you cannot use a pole cup to place a baited hook from another rod. For instance, placing a feeder into an otherwise inaccessible area

  • Rules specified by the fishery are in addition and do not override these rules. For example, if a fishery allows floating baits, it does not mean you can use them.