Evening Series 2016

What a cracking series this turned out to be!

First time held at Beaver Farm Fishery, what an ideal venue it proved - thanks Lucky John Palmer for managing to persuade them to let us hold it there.

1st Leg – Jeff's Lake - 15th June 2016. 

1st Les Parker 69lb 14oz
2nd Sam Docker 69lb 13oz
3rd Paul Oliver 69lb 9oz

How close can you get??????

2nd Leg – Maze Lake 22nd June 2016 – Silver Fish Only

1st Sam Docker 43lb 7oz
2nd Dave Morris 14lb 9oz
3rd Craig Winchester 14lb 2oz

Different ball game from Jeff's as it was much tougher, except for Sam of course who had a cracking net of Bream.

3rd Leg – Jeff's Lake - 29th June 2016
1st Craig Winchester 92lb 12oz
2nd Dave Morris 68lb 9oz
3rd Sam Docker 67lb 4oz

More incredible weights for a 3 hour match.

4th Leg – Maze Lake - 6th July 2016

1st Sam Docker  26lb 10oz
2nd Barry Stagg 12lb 1oz
3rd  Dave King 9lb 14oz
Sam certainly seems to have the measure of Maze Lake!

5th Leg – Jeff's Lake - 13th July 2016 - "Waggler & Maggot only"

1st Sam Docker 96lb 8oz
2nd Lucky John Palmer 63lb 8oz
3rd Tony Morris 49lb 12oz

Clearly some can still remember how to fish with a float rod!

6th and final Leg of the series - Jeff's Lake - 20th July 2016

1st Craig Winchester 82lb 11oz
2nd Sam Docker 79lb 12oz
3rd Dave Morris 75lb 10oz

Craig finally gets the better of Sam - but too little too late!

Evening Series 2016 - Final Points Table

Sam Docker78
Craig Winchester70
Dave Morris57
Lucky John55
Mark Merrett50
Dave King49
Barry Stagg46
Tony Morris39
Scott Denton38
Dan Reed37
Steve King36
Paul Oliver26
Micky Biles22
Bobby Stone16
Les Parker16
Brian Beacroft13
Terry Forrest10

Well Done Sam for a well-deserved win!