Dan Reed with part of his winning haul and an example of the quality fish from this venue

Evening Series 2017

Another brilliant Evening series at Beaver Farm, with even better weights and close competition.

1st Leg – Jeff's Lake - 14th June 2017. 

1st Craig Winchester 109lb 7oz
2nd Sam Docker 108lb
3rd Tony Morris 102lb 14oz

First three pegs on the lake and a fish for fish contest. Simply incredible weights in three hours!

2nd Leg – Maze Lake 21st June 2017 – Silver Fish Only

1st Sam Docker 23lb 9oz
2nd Steve Hanson 23lb 3oz
3rd Craig Winchester 16lb 13oz

Another interesting and close contest with Sam just holding off Steve for the win.

3rd Leg – Jeff's Lake - 28th June 2017
1st Sam Docker 138lb 9oz
2nd Dave Morris 106lb 3oz
3rd Craig Winchester 79lb 9oz

The F1's have definitely grown since 2016 as the weights get better still. Just incredible.

4th Leg – Maze Lake - 5th July 2017

1st Sam Docker  19lb 11oz
2nd Mark Merrett 18lb 8oz
3rd  Dave Morris 16lb 9oz
A much tougher challenge than Jeff's, but again a really close contest.

5th Leg – Jeff's Lake - 12th July 2017 - "Waggler & Maggot only"

1st Dan Reed 72lb 11oz
2nd Paul Oliver 58lb 14oz
3rd Dave Morris 48lb 1oz

A first win in the series for Dan - well done!

6th and final Leg of the series - Jeff's Lake - 19th July 2017

1st Dave Morris 120lb 6oz
2nd Paul Oliver 98lb 14oz
3rd Tony Morris 84lb 8oz

With Sam on a sickie, the field was clear for Dave to become the 4th different winner of the series. 

Evening Series 2017 - Final Points Table

Sam Docker75
Dave Morris72
Craig Winchester68
Tony Morris66
Dan Reed56
Mark Merrett55
Steve Hanson51
John Palmer48
Dale Smith42
Paul Oliver41

Well Done Sam for retaining the title, but another great and close series!