Happy 70th Birthday!

Veterans Reunion Match 2017
Beaver Farm Fishery, Maze Lake - Friday 4th August 2017

It was a special day this year being the 70th anniversary Veterans match and everything came together beautifully with the turnout, weather, venue and not least, even the fishing. No less than 14 old members, some coming from far and wide, made the effort to attend this special event and were very pleased they did. No all managed to weigh-in but there were some very good weights from those that did. Very well done to Paul Dench on his resounding victory.

1 Paul Dench 49lb.11oz.

2 John Palmer 26lb.1oz.

3 David Horsley 19lb.5opz.

4 Alan Gristwood 13lb.15oz.

5 Mick Cove 13lb.9oz.

6 Alan Richards 3lb.2oz.

7 Len Tutt 2lb. 5oz..

Veterans Reunion Match 2020

Beaver Farm Fishery, Maze Lake - Friday 7th August 2020

From our Cub Reporter Dave Harper

Thank you so much to those of you came to fish on Friday at Beaver Farm on what was probably the hottest day to be out.
We were lucky that the senior bailiff of Beaver Farm Andy allowed the match to go ahead on condition that we weighed in at the break if anyone was seriously bagging.

For the record, the match was won by Adrian Marshall who was on the Committee back in the early 80s as junior rep. He cleaned up from peg 12 on one of the fingers, pole and worm sorted out 28-12-0 of F1 carp, carp and bream and £60.

Jerry Hutchins on peg 6 had some shade and contributed 7-12-0 for £40 whilst Paul Dench was third from peg 8 on the far open bank with 4-0-0 for £20. All three received a GURU goody bag.

Others: 4 Dave Horsley (Peg 1) 3-8-0; 5 Maureen Collier (Peg 4) 3-0-0; 6 David Adby (Peg 7) 1-4-0; 7 Alan Richards (Peg 2) 1-2-0; 8 Len Tutt (Peg 11) 0-8-0. John Collier (Peg 3), Scott Denton (Peg 5), John Palmer (Peg 9), Dave Harper (Peg 10) DNW though everyone actually caught.

Sadly I suffered heat exhaustion and so couldn’t follow the scales – thanks are due to John Palmer for organising the draw and as he had to leave early, Scott and Jerry on the scales. The cold beers went down well and it was a nice event. Roll on 2021!

Veterans Reunion Match 2019

Beaver Farm Fishery, Maze Lake - Friday 2nd August 2019

The Vets Match was held on Maze Lake, Beaver Farm yesterday and saw just six turn up – Dave Horsley getting his dates mixed up!

Four were on the car park bank whilst David Adby and Dave Harper were drawn on the shady side bank. There was hardly any wind but the water seemed to tow one way and then the other.

Mr Harper at peg 5 caught first with a small F1 nestling in the net within five minutes but it was a false dawn for him as he had to resort to single red maggot for bites to finish with 4-4-0. Meanwhile his neighbour David Adby at peg 6 opted for feeder tactics for much of the match to finish with 10-0-0 and third spot.

On the car park bank John Collier at peg 1 had a fair morning but the lunch break saw the fish move off but his 10-12-0 was good enough for second. Ex President Len Tutt was at the next peg where Palmer got beaten in the final seconds in 2018. He fished a small waggler with various baits for 14-15-0 and a clear win.

Alan Richards included a good bream in his net of 8-4-0 from peg 4 but was edged out by Maureen Collier at peg 3 who managed 9-0-0 in a very close contest.

President Trumps the Field!

Veterans Reunion Match 2016
Barnes Court Fishery - Friday 5th August 

On a very warm and sunny day, the Veterans spread themselves over the three lakes at Barnes Court where W&DAS President, Len Tutt won the day in a very close contest. WELL DONE LEN!

1st   Len Tutt   17lb.4oz.
2nd  Alan Gristwood   15lb.15oz.
3rd  Nigel Cranham   15lb.2oz.
4th  David Adby   10lb.7oz.
5th  Alan Richards   9lb.3oz.
6th  Dave Harper   D.N.W.

Veterans Reunion Match 2015

Barnes Court Fishery - Friday 7th August 

Eight ‘Old Boys’ out for this annual event and all had a great day.

Here are the results of our little competition.

1    Dave Harper         23.06.00

2    Alan Richards       15.12.00

3    David Adby           15.03.00

4    Mike Stevens          6.12.00

5    Len Tutt                  4.08.00

6    Don Bouttell           2.02.00

7    John Palmer             D.N.W.

8    Alan Gristwood        D.N.W.


There we have it, Dave Harper won the Veteran’s trophy this time.